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PVC Figures List

Why Choose PVC Materials?

PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride) is a common material widely used in toys,the advantages of completed customized PVC toys are light weight and perfectly show the PVC figure details, therefore PVC is the best material choice used in animation toys and mystery box toys.
However, the mold cost is very expensive due to in the production process, we need to open steel molds or copper molds for custom plastic figures. The cost of metal molds is very high, so in order to distribute cost, it is generally recommended to choose PVC materials in a large quantity to save more cost. The greater the output, the lower the comprehensive cost of materials and molds.
The blind box, because it is often used to play, the output is very large, comprehensive material performance and cost, PVC is the only choice.

PVC figure

What’s the MOQ for PVC toys?
For PVC figure, our MOQ is 3000pcs, specially we have stable cooperation with our out-sourcing suppliers, so we can also process the big order even the quantity above 5 million.

How long does a completed PVC toy take?
Generally it’ll take 30-35 days to make the mold of PVC figurines.
The order around 1 million: 30-35days after the mold confirmed.
The order above 5 million: 60-65days after the mold confirmed.

What kinds of PVC figures can do make?
Our associated supplier with state-of -art equipment, such as Injection Machine, Oil Spray Machine, Pad Painting Machine.

Injection Machine

Injection Machine

Oil Spray Machine

Oil Spray Machine

steel mold

Steel Mold

Production Line

Production Line

Why Choose Us

We can customize all kinds of PVC dolls,action figures, blind boxes,ornaments,keychains, promotional soft rubber products, warmly welcome to customize your design to physical figure toys.

custom type
custom PVC figure

Moreover,our special color change craft which make the toy’s color changing in the different temperature and ray of light.

PVC colour change craft

How much is the PVC toys?
There are many factors to decide the cost of plastic figure or action figure.
1. Prototype design or not
2. Plastic figure size
3. Tooling cost
4. Order quantity
5. Painting type
6. Customized package or not,please find the below package way for reference.

How to Custom a plastic figure?
2D design
3D Modeling
3D Printing
Mold Making
Pre-prodution sample
Injection Molding
Spray Painting
Pad Painting

product packing