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The Safety Of Toys Are The Top Thing We Focus On,The Safety Of Toys Is The Safety Of Kids!

We are or will be the parents,we pay more attention to the sourcing and safety the of raw materials that we choose for custom toys make.We produce toys made from recycled materials whenever possible to ensure the future remains the kids-friendly playground it is meant to be.

Topseek team is driven by a commitment to safety and quality.All materials go through safety testing.Since some toys may have small or thin fabric pieces.Toseek recommends these toys only be given for age from 3+ years to adults.

Topseek is responsible for all toys and collectibles we make.

The toys we make meet all safety standards and regulations.Specially in the process of production,we have contracted with certified 3rd party CPSC/CE approved labs to conduct raw materials and composition test of all the toys and collectibles.


Age from 3-14 years old, we can exceed the standard as below.

Country Ages Applicable Standard
US 3-12 years CPC,CPSIA,ASTM
EU 3-14 years EN71
Japan 3-6 years JFSL,ST
6-14 years ST
15+ years Depend on the import country’s standard

We Also Passed The Test As Below

Parts and surface requirements test: ensure all the parts do not have the risk of winding suffocation; the size and accessaries are appropriate; whether there are sharp edges and protrusions or not.
Mechanical and physical performance test: the common test contains abuse test, drop test, compression test, torsion test, tensile test, bending test, impact test, bite test, sound toy test, sharp edge tip test.
Chemical test: mainly test the contained chemicals or mixtures.
Flammability hazards: toys are tested to ensure that they don’t easily ignite.
Packaging & labeling: tracking label and package way are available to ensure all the guidelines and required elements.

We have QA& QC department with strictly quality control solutions to ensure the quality and test for all the customized toys, and we haven’t come across any quality issue from our customers until now.
But there is a saying” There is always a flaw in the plan.” If there is any one toy with safety issue, we have our after-sales dept to check and solve.
Pls contact us  to discuss the quality issue, and we are confident you’ll satisfy our solutions.