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Stress Toy List

What Is Slow Rebound?

The slow rebound is actually a kind of decompression toy. The material is a PU memory sponge. The slow rebound refers to the ability of the material to deform slowly. After the external force deforms it, it will slowly restore its original shape.
There are many advantages of the PU toys:
1. This slow rebound toy not only increases the fun of the toy but also avoid excessive pressure on the finger pain and decompression during decompression.
2. Using fingers to constantly squeeze and relax toys which can exercise the muscles of the fingers, improve the flexibility and strength of the fingers.
3. In the process of focusing on the squeezing and recovery of toys, kids can distract your attention from other things, thereby increasing your concentration.
Therefore,anti-anxiety toy kneading slow rebound is a recommended most popular fidget toys, especially for both adults and kids who work for a long time or study under great pressure.

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All the stress toys are made of environmental friendly PU foaming material,with interestingand vivid textures, fine craftsmanship Professional color card color matching can achieve a high degree of restoration.

Our Custom PU Foaming Toys Cases

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What Can We Do?

Our core anti stress products include squishy PU slow rebound decompression doll toys,pressure ball promotional gifts,practical foaming products,etc.
We choose optimal eco-friendly PU foaming materials to ensure the reliable quality for each pressure relief toy.Various styles can be customized,and the size can be customized according to the requirements.
Our customer hot sale type includes anti-anxiety delicious food series ,such as donuts,ice cream,bread PU slow rebound toys.

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Meantime.many toy distributors also choose custom PU foaming doll series to enlarge the toys’ range.

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Specially,we can provide slow, medium, and fast bullets or add spices, bright oil,and fluorescent powder for free to meet your various needs.

Our Product Type

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The Process of Custom Stress Toys
1. Provide photos or 3D files
Customer provide the photos,we design product drawings or solutions if there is only a sketch.
2. Mud film or 3D print out
Arrange sample design and modification
3. Confirm and develop foam molds
4. Open with white embryos
5. Paint the mold
6. Painting and coloring
7. Confirm the color
8. Quality inspection,packaging and make delivery

High Restoration Quality Assurance
In the production process,we use computer printing high restoration,painting with copper mold,clip mold,aluminum mold.

Maybe you think slow rebound decompression toy is a simple product,but it has high requirements for equipment. If the equipment fails to meet the requirements, the defective rate of the products will be very high, resulting in a substantial increase in costs.
Topseek has state-of-art slow rebound foaming machine and supporting assemble line,eco-friendly PU foaming materials to assure each fadget toy satisfy the EN71, ASTM quality standard.

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What’s The MOQ?What’s The Lead Time?
The MOQ of rebound stress toy is 500pcs, and you only need to provide photos and samples to customize the decompression toys.
The lead time depends on the complexity of your customized product,usually within 25-30 days,warmly welcome to inquiry.

What’s The Function Of Foam Stress Toys?
Our products are widely used in advertising promotions/kids toys/gifts, and can be printed with your logo. Meantime,the foam fidget toys are widely used in promotional activities in Europe, America,Japan and other countries, slow rebound has bright colors and sof feeling which is deeply loved by kids around the world. Our company has over 2000 products to choos efrom with innovative and diverse styles.

How Much Is The Stress Toy?
The customized stress toy by OEM needs to be designed based on actual images. We also have developed many stress toys, you can also choose the ones in stock to save the mold cost and occupy the market quickly.
No matter the cooperation way,we will provide you with the most reasonable price while excellent quality.